DAU is an ongoing experiment, evolving from a biopic about a Soviet physicist into a large scale project – part cinematic cycle, part behavioural experiment – involving hundreds of participants from around the world. Combining elements of film, theatre, science, psychology, architecture, visual arts and performance, it has created a complex and absorbing world that has to be lived as much as seen.

DAU is ultimately a vast collaborative experiment. Many of its participants are celebrated figures in the fields of science, art, theatre and film and are now DAU’s ambassadors. These include physicists and mathematicians Carlo Rovelli, Dimitri Kaledin, David Gross, and Shing Tung Yau; conductor Teodor Currentzis; theatre directors Peter Sellars, Romeo Castellucci and Anatoly Vassiliev; artists Carsten Höller, Marina Abramovic, Boris Mikhailov and Philippe Parreno; designer Rei Kawakubo and many more…

Contributors to DAU voice overs include Isabelle Huppert, Willem Dafoe, Monica Bellucci, Hannah Schygulla, Isabelle Adjani, Iris Berben, Gerard Depardieu, Lars Eidinger, Fanny Ardant, Barbara Sukowa and others.

I began working for Phenomen Films in January 2017. Initially I worked as sound designer and sound editor for the Dau Digital Platform; an interactive online platform that consists of more than 700 hours of material which was shot in Kharkov from 2008 until 2011.

After the completion of this colossal project, I worked as assistant sound designer, sound designer and sound editor in the production of 13 feature films and a couple TV series.

DAU was released in Paris in 2019 at Théâtre de Châtelet, the Théâtre de la Ville and Centre Pompidou. It is planned to be released in London in the future.