I am a London-based sound designer, mixer and composer with experience in film, commercials, trailers, performance, animation and VR/AR and immersive content.

I have collaborated with directors, artists and choreographers both in the UK and internationally and I have provided my services to award-winning companies.

As a professional, I am reliable with a high level of technical knowledge and a rich aesthetic awareness and I work efficiently with a great attention to detail.

I have worked on all areas of sound post production – dialogue editing, foley, sfx editing & design, stereo & surround mixing for festivals and distribution.

All my projects are approached with passion and creativity and a clear and regular communication with the director/creator is being established throughout the working process. 

I use a combination of musical instruments, analog and hardware synthesisers, recordings and sound manipulation tools for designing naturalistic or abstract worlds and atmospheres, sound effects and sonic textures.

I particularly love the area between sound design and music and I enjoy the challenge of creating soundtracks that shape stories, evoke feelings, and help to create the desirable impact on the audience.

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Panos is an indispensable collaborator who has become a dear friend. He takes a genuine interest in the artistic vision of my work, and brings his creativity to support it. I’m very grateful for the positive energy and dedication to go the extra length to make sure the sound is just what I need. He’s gamely taken up every idea I’ve thrown at him – custom foley and sound effects, surround sound for installation, interactive effects for live performance…  When it comes to my films and performances, I trust this guy with my life!

Sze Chan-wei

Choreographer & Director

It was a pleasure to work with Panos. He is a skilled and considerate professional who strives for perfection and elevates each project he takes on. 

Devin Howell


Panos and I started our collaboration in 2016 and since then we have created together various Performance works as well as Dance Films. Panos is an exceptional artist who loves creating, inventing and designing new sounds and music. He has a variety of professional and artistic skills as well as personal characteristics that make him a unique sound designer. As a choreographer I could never ask for a better collaborator to work with. 

Eleni Papaioannou


Panos is a creative and really intuitive sound designer, especially when it comes to create digital like soundscapes. He will get you exactly what you need in exactly the right way. It was a great collaboration, I recommend him wholeheartedly!

Michele Vicenti