Borderline – Feature drama film

5.1 Mixing in Sound Disposition facility in London. Anna Alfieri’s film Borderline is now ready for festivals and distribution.

My Home Crowd Source Fundraiser project

Very glad to participate in Tim Nielsen’s charity project ‘The Water Project’ which aims to provide clean water for people in Africa. 615 recordists, from 62 countries from around the world gathered sounds for this library, and what we assembled is a beautiful library of ambient sounds from where people live, around the world. From cities to nature, urban to suburban. Over 4,600 files, with full metadata. Here is a link for the donation:

Upcoming track release on Liburia records

Sound Diaries In Quarantine Time is a collection of electroacoustic and experimental electronic compositions from 13 artists. The compositions were created during the quarantine period.


This epic 369 minute film was premiered as part of the Berlinale 2020 Special Programme.


The film was premiered in the main competition of the 70th Berlinale. The film and its director of photography were awarded the Silver Bear for outstanding artistic contribution.

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